Snow Shoe, Pa.          

Here are just a few pictures from our most recent trips up to Grass Flats and Snow Shoe  PA.
 We average over 100 miles of riding per weekend.

Click here for a topo map of the riding area!

Video Clips Are Below Pictures

 Some of the Snow Shoe Gang!     Clairence Trail Head     A little two wheel action     Some Wheelie Action     Me Ramping at the race track     Me ramping the grizzly at the race track
Viaduct Bridge On the SSRT     Waterfall by our camp     Climbing more hills on the Grizzly     Kyle, Adam and me at the I-80 tunnel trail     Kyle catching some air!     Kyle and Adam
Climbing Hills on the Grizzly     Adam Hill Climbing     Group Picture 10-10-03     Mike trying to Quad Surf     SSRT Picture     Old Rail Road Tunnel on SSRT
SSRT Picture     View through I-80 Tunnel     Going through I-80 Tunnel     Tunnel on the Train Trail     Adam Ramping at the Cement Factory     Kyle Ramping at the Cement Factory
View of Volcano Hill Climb in the distance     View From Top Of Volcano     Adam and Kyle On top of Volcano     View From Top Of Volcano     Snow Shoe Viaduct     Dave, Helen, Kyle, Adam and Me
Dave climbing the wildcat     Damon ramping at the Boney Pile     Kyle ramping at the Boney Plie     Train Tunnel in January     Regina, Kyle, Adam on January Ride     Kyle and Adam on January Ride
Joey Climbing The Volcano     Joey Half way up the Volcano     View from the top of the Boney Pile     View from the bottom of the Boney Pile     Wildcat Hill Climb

Video Clips From Snow Shoe
Brian Flips His Banshee Watch Me Get Soaked
Hill Climbing At The Volcano More Volcano Hill Climbs
Luke Rolls Down The Volcano Luke At The Boney Pile


More Pictures  and Videos Coming Soon!


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