My Home Construction Project Page

Starting around the end of March or the beginning of April 2006 with the help of friends and family
 I will start to build my home.
I have decided to try and capture the entire process on camera
 and post the pictures and videos here.  As I learn things that I feel will help someone that is also
 building their own home I will post them here on this page.
Mostly this page will be a journal of the entire project, Start to Finish......

Stay tuned as I am just getting started!

My Home will be a 2688 Sq. Ft. Rancher, 4 Bedroom, 3 Bath, Fireplace, Cathedral Ceilings
in the Kitchen, Dinning and Living Room Areas. Open Kitchen Design with tiered bar.
 Full basement with 10 foot Superior Wall System. I choose 10 foot ceiling in the basement because
I will have a garage under half the house and I wanted to be able to
park my F-250 4x4 Crew Cab with a high cap on it in the garage. 

New Pictures Added 11-26-06

Home Construction
Slide Show
Foundation Walls
Slide Show

Front Elevation View
Kids Digging Silt Fence Trench
Kids Digging Silt Fence Trench
Kids Digging Silt Fence Trench
Kids Digging Silt Fence Trench
Kyle Digging Silt Fence Trench
Kyle Digging Trench
Clearing The Lot
Clearing The Lot
Moving Rock Pile
Moving Rock Pile
Moving Rock Pile
Moving Large Rocks
Empty Lot
Empty Lot
Empty Lot 1
Empty Lot
Taking Measurements
Taking Measurements
Taking measurements 1
Taking Measurements
Planting Corner Markers
Corner Markers
Planting Corner Markers 1
Planting Markers
Corners Markers Done
Makers Planted
Corner Markers Done
Stripping Top Soil
Stripping Top Soil
Stripping Top Soil
Stripping Top Soil
Steve On The Back Hoe
Steve on the Hoe

Digging the Basement

Basement Done

Digging Footers

Digging Footers

Footers All Dug

Empting Trenches
after Major Rainstorm

Draining the Jobsite

Roughing the 4" Sewer Pipe

Here comes the Stone!

Ballast Stone for the driveway comes 1st

1st load of Ballast Stone

2nd Ballast Truck

4 Loads of 1/2 inch Stone

3-1/2 Loads of 3/4" Stone

Filling Footer Trenches

Setting Grade Steaks

Start to lay 8 inch's of level 1/2" stone 58'x36'

Raking 1/2" Stones Level

Half way There!

Almost Done!

All done with the Stone.

Taking a Break!

Walls Arrive
Click Here To See the Walls
being Put Together
Slide Show

Walls Complete (Front)

Walls Complete (Back)

Mixing Concrete For Column Pads

Making Column Pads

Putting Garage Drain In

Digging Sewer Trench

Installing Rain Drains

Installing Footer Drain

Installing Footer Drain

Footer Fabric

Footer Fabric

Measuring Grinder Pit

Installing Grinder Pump

Digging Sewer Line

Digging Sewer Line

Beams And Columns Arrive

Beam Crane

Leveling Beams

Installing Beams

Bolting Beam Together
1ST Shipment of Wood Arrives!
1st Shipment of wood!

Putting on the Sill Plate

Starting Floor Joists

Me with an Auto Hammer

Cutting Joists

Dave Sr. Dave Jr. - Joists

Pizza Break!

Sewer Lateral Install

2nd Load of Wood Arrives..

Start Decking!

More Decking..

Tony and me on Deck

Josh And Dave Jr.

Start Front Exterior Walls

Steve, Dave Sr. and Josh.

Hammer Some More....

Rear Exterior Walls Framed

Rear Exterior Walls Framed

Sheeting the Walls

Todd Sheeting Walls

1st Wall Up!

2nd Wall Up!

3rd Wall Up!

Standing the 4th Wall

4th Wall Up!

5th Wall Up!

Lunch Time

Lunch Time

Roof Trusses Arrive

Installing Overhang

Waiting On Crane

Crane Arrives

1st Gable Truss

Installing Attic Trusses

Dave and Harold

Installing Scissor Trusses

Last Scissor

Last Gable

Steve on Guide Rope

Jim Nailing Gable

Installing Roof Sheeting


Josh & Brian

Almost Done Sheeting

Installing Felt Paper

Finishing Felt Paper

Digging Rear Deck
  Cement Supports Holes

Cement Pillars For Rear Deck Done

Hooking up 4" Sewer Line

Adam Measuring Pipe

Its good to be small!

Rear Deck Ledger

Beams and Posts

Hanging Floor Joists

Floor Joists Done

Start Decking

And Decking

Almost Done Decking

Post Gussets Installed

Building Front Deck

Checking Level

Front Decking Done

Rear Deck Roof Framing

Setting 1st Roof Truss

Denny Hoisting Truss

Hand Them Up!

One More!

Last One...Gable End

Rear Deck Roof Done

Shingles Arrive

Thank goodness for a boom

Rick and Gary Unloading

Almost done 99 Bundles

Front Overhang Framing

Overhang Done

Putting up the Wind/Water Barrier Material

Ran out of material.

Installing Drips Edge

More Drip Edge

Laying down the Ice and
 Water Shield

Starting the Rear Roof Shingles

Half way done the rear Roof

Kyle and Me

Finished Rear roof

Onto the Front Roof

I hate being on the Edge
of the roof

Almost done Front Roof

Installing the Ridge Vent

Putting the Caps on the Ridge Vent

Jim and Me start the
 Interior Walls

Interior Framing

More Framing

 Tub for Two!

Shower Unit

Steve and Me

Half way Done


Steve And Me

Interior Walls Done

Windows Arrive!

Installing Windows

Plumbing Started

Pipe Venting

Water Supply lines

Digging Patio Footer

Grinder Pump Wiring

Jim And Scott putting up the Ductwork

Cutting Return Duct

Kyle helping me Install Ductwork

Jim Installing Supply Duct

Jim and Me

Installing More Ductwork

Ductwork Done!

Building the Chimney Chase

Denny and I making the Chimney Chase

Almost Done the Chase

Installing more House Wrap

House Wrap and Chimney Done!

End of another Busy Day!

Basement Ready for Cement Pour

Making the Patio Form

Concrete Day Is Finally Here!

My Turn On the Wheelbarrow

Todd, Gary and Lynn Finishing

Power Screeder at work

Steve's Turn!

Almost Done!

Gary on the Patio


Patio Finished!

Starting the Front Siding

Getting Hot!

Almost done the front siding

Starting the Rear Siding

Kyle and me working on the rear siding

Rear Siding done

Right Siding Started!

Left Siding Started

Mom on the siding detail

Half way there!

Almost Done

Installing French Door

Heave Ho!

No Problem!

Making Stair Stringers!

Putting Stairs together

Installing Treads

Almost Done!

Rear Deck Railing

Starting Chimney

Cutting Chimney Block

Cutting Flue

Making a Thimble Hole

Laying Chimney Block

Pointing Joints

Carrying Block up Ladder

Going Up!

Setting Flue

Almost Complete

Final Block!

Chimney is Done!

Making Continuous Spouting

Putting it all together

Installing Front Spouts

Its Raining Already

Installing Rear Spouts

Putting up a 33 footer

Putting up Vapor Barrier for Stone Veneer

Metal Lathe installed over vapor Barrier

Putting on the Mortar Scratch Coat

Start of the stones

Half way there!

Stone Complete

Putting the mortar around stones

Almost done!

All Done!

Installing Front Door

Steve and I Lifting Door

Front Door Installed

Digging hole for Underground Propane Tank

Installing Tank

Steve Putting up Insulation

Steve and Kyle

Adam lending a hand with Insulation

Drywall Arrives

Putting up Drywall

Stan on the Screw Gun

Cutting out Switch boxes

Adam Measuring Drywall

Steve and Pam helping out with drywall

Thank god for a drywall Lift


Pam spackling a closet

Putting up the Cathedral Ceiling

Kemp Lending a hand

1st coat of Mud

Jacuzzi Tub in Master Bath

I cant wait to get in here!

Main Bath

Front Steps Done!

Using Router For Trim Work

My New Laser Miter Saw!

One Window Sill Done

Ripping Some 6" Poplar Board

Living Room Windows Trimmed (Ready For Stain)

Window Complete

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