2012 Cabin Project

In spring of 2012 Kelly and I started looking for a cabin to use for hunting , fishing, spending time with family and just plain old relaxing. I have always dreamed of having a cabin of my own and so did my cousin Kenny, so we decided to partner up....   A few months and much searching later we found a place to make those dreams come true.
After showing the cabin to our better half's Chris and Kelly we decided to make and offer on it.
  The cabin was a old hunting cabin from the 50's it included 3 acres, a spring, and a bass pond. The property location is wooded with deer traveling though it, and the pond is loaded with largemouth bass. Not a bad place to start living that dream...
  We settled in September and with the help of a lot of good friends we started to build our addition on to the old cabin right away.
The following pictures are a sequence of the construction project as it unfolded. Although it is not done yet,  will continue to post pictures until it is done. Stay tuned....
   Click Here for a Slide Show of all the Construction Pictures